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casting creme gloss 500 light brown

Casting Crème Gloss 500 Light Brown

After coloring, the conditioner is enriched with Coconut oil that reveals the richness of your brown hair. It leaves your hair soft and voluptuous with an exceptional shine.

Achieve a natural-looking color with visible shimmering tones using Casting Crème Gloss. The no-ammonia Crème formula blends away grey hair, and provides a luscious look with a pleasant smell. 

500 Light Brown



Easy application – glossy hair color in 20 mins

How to use:

Step 1: Put on colorist gloves.
Step 2: Twist off tip of the Developer Crème bottle (1). Remove cap from bottle.
Step 3: Pierce opening of the No Ammonia Crème Colorant tube (2).Squeeze entire contents of tube (2) into Developer Crème bottle (1).
Step 4: Replace flat cap on Developer Crème bottle (1). Place your finger over the open tip, point away from your face and shake well until contents are thoroughly mixed.
Step 5: Use the precision tip applicator to part hair in order to apply color to your roots. Apply Remaining Color to the Rest of Your Hair.
Step 6: Saturate your hair completely. Leave on for an additional 5 minutes. Total coloring time is 10 minutes.

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